Monday, November 28, 2016


     Every worry is a negative prayer, an error message to one's Higher Power that it just doesn't pack the gear. If your Higher Power is that wimpy, you need to upgrade because a wimpy HP can't keep you clean.
     If your HP isn't wimpy, then why worry?

     Always keep the dynamic of addiction in mind: If the recovering addict gets miserable enough, the addict will use. It isn't any more complicated than that. Can worrying solve problems or accomplish anything positive? Can worrying make the worrier miserable? Can it affect the worrier's health? Can it affect the worrier's loved ones?
     You know the answers.
     If you worry, why pray? If you pray, why worry?

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Martin L. Shoemaker said...

As I explained to a friend, there's a difference between concern and worry.

Worry: This could happen! Oh, no, what will I do?

Concern: Could this happen? What are the chances? What will it mean if it does? What can I do if it happens? Can I keep it from happening? How can I tell if it's happening? OK, now I have a plan, I'm ready. I can set this aside unless and until it happens.

He was an engineer. This simple set of analysis tools empowered him. When he started to feel worried, he could ask himself these questions, and soon the worry became simply a plan. It broke him out of the thought loop where worry had him trapped.

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