Tuesday, October 26, 2004


The fox came on quiet feet
To eat at our bird feeder,
For pickings are slim
When the rains fail to come.
Amazing what one sees
With open eyes.


jburchard said...

I love this site. Keep it comming. I have found in my three years of recovery, this time around, that my higher power speaks to me in lots of different and unsuspected ways. My old Jack says, that cant't be right. It not what I was expecting. You were unedpected eventhough I have been softened up by Yesterday's Tommorrow and St. Mary Blue.

I am 2 Jimbo said...

Thanks, I've been clean for about
15 years.

Was feeling that my life sucked! Your blog was what i needed.

I Have a very nice clean life and love it. Its good to laugh, and still be clean. Thanks to You and all those who posted to this site, I dont think my life sucks agian.

Thanks, Jimbo

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