Sunday, March 15, 2020


I have had to cancel out of my high school reunion which means I will be available not to attend a conflicting NA retreat. A friend from Boston called to say that the hospital in which several AA and NA meetings were held has closed down all meetings. Our own local hospital, which hosts several AA and NA meetings, has also closed down all meetings. The slogan is: "Meeting Makers Make It." If the meetings are cut by 70 to 90 percent, what then?

A lesson a new downhill skier or snowboarder gets early in his or her instruction is: If you get into a tight spot and it looks as though disaster is only a second or two away: Do Not Panic! Do the best you can at what you know even though things things look bleak. Try. You just might get through it and look damned good doing it. The one thing guaranteed to bust you up and possibly kill you, however, is to give in to panic. This applies to life and to recovery, as well. It certainly applies to what health services, nations, and businesses are doing these days to help lessen the spreading of the Covid-19 virus and how those measures affect those in recovery and those attempting to get clean.   

Nothing new. You do what it takes to stay clean and sober. Instead of sitting at home and playing with resentments, watching TV, or eating bonbons, now might be a good time to dust off that Basic Text or Big Book and read about recovery. We are told to look for the opportunities in adversity, and if your meetings are cancelled, what a great opportunity to get to work on that next Step. Perhaps you can pick up that sanitized telephone and call your sponsor or someone else in the program. There is always program literature to read, and the recovery tool of writing. Take that warren of worries in your head, write and put your feelings on paper (works better than tapping on a keyboard; Don't know why).

Alcoholics Anonymous pioneered solving the problem of recovery in isolation. Through the mail, through the telephone, and now through the net and social media we still have a program, meetings, and recovery.  Those in recovery can share here and in their social media specific information regarding Facebook recovery groups, online and telephone meetings for all Twelve Step recovery programs.

As the newcomer was explaining all of the complex issues and reasons making it impossible for him to come to meetings, the old timer said, "You're wearing yourself out. If you want out of the program, any path will take you there." 

The excuses for skipping meetings now have never been better. Please share below what you are going to do.

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