Sunday, October 16, 2016

What's It All About?

     There was a poster on the wall of my rehab counselor's office. Every time my group would go in there for a session, we would see it. It depicted a forest filled with leaves and these words: "An addict is a person who finds a single leaf and from it constructs a forest in which he immediately becomes lost."
     Getting clean does not change this. Stopping the drugs and making no other changes leaves the addict lost in the same old forest, but without the anesthetic. Changing things requires the addict to change him or herself. That kind of change, in Twelve Step programs, means attending meetings, listening at the meetings, getting a sponsor, using that sponsor, working the Twelve Steps with that sponsor, and not picking up.
     It's not just about getting clean; It is about getting into recovery; it's about moving from slavery to freedom.

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