Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Problem

A friend in the program was advised by his sponsor to post the following message on his bathroom mirror:

You are looking at the problem

Friday, September 20, 2013

XXX Life and Power

I am at Miracle XXX, the thirtieth of these terrific Narcotics Anonymous conventions put on in Alfred, Maine by the Southern Maine groups of NA. I have been to all thirty of these events because of a deal I made with the Higher Power I found there in 1983: If I was still clean next year at this time, I'd come back. I'm still clean and now I am back for my thirtieth Miracle. This time they want me to chair the big meeting in the chapel. If it seems as though I'm patting myself on the back, I am a little. There are some other backs in there as well: The NA's and AA's who shared with me, sponsored me, wrote the literature, kept the meetings open, did service, and held onto the other end of that phone line when the shadows were closing in; The fathers of all 12 Step programs, Bill W., and Dr. Bob, and the fellow who finally figured out that the problem wasn't drugs, but was addiction and launched NA; Last but not least is my Higher Power in all the many forms I've cast this loving force over the years.

Recovery is a team effort, and I am on my team.

Want to get clean? Want to stay clean? Pick your ass up and take it to a meeting. Go where your answers are.


A few minutes after meeting my new sponsor at his home, he sat me down at his dining room table, put a piece of paper, and a pencil in fron...