Friday, October 11, 2013


Want to get clean?

  1. Look in the phone book or online for your local Narcotics Anonymous hotline.
  2. Find out where your nearest meetings are.
  3. Ignore all your excuses and rationalizations and make plans to attend a meeting.
  4. Put down the drug(s), unload all the powders, pills, and potions from your clothing.
  6. Do what they tell you to do.

Want to stay clean? 

  1. Don't pick up.
  2. Go to meetings.
  3. Ask for help.

So, what do I mean, "Ask for help?"

  1. Don't have a sponsor? Ask someone to be your sponsor.
  2. Having trouble working the Steps? Ask your sponsor to help you with them.
  3. Having a bad day? Call your sponsor, Share with the meeting group.
  4. Having a good day? Call your sponsor, Share with the meeting group. The rest of us might need a little brightening up.
  5. Beginning to think you can do without meetings? Maybe you can safely have one or two? That there is some corner of the using nightmare you haven't yet explored that might be okay? Call someone in the program. Don't know anyone you can telephone? Don't pick up, go to a meeting, and ask those at the meeting for telephone numbers.

The help is there.

There is a lot of helpful information, armies of recovering addicts willing to share with you their experience strength and hope, and things that are more powerful than your addiction. No one in my experience who followed the steps above ever used again. No one. It works for a great many men, women, and young teens and preteens. You, however, have to be on your own team. If you aren't, there is no one and no power on earth that can keep you clean.

It is worth the ride.

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