Tuesday, January 03, 2017


     Something to ponder on: "The program isn't my life; The program gave me back my life." A quotation from Bruce C., a recovering addict, now deceased, who was largely responsible for getting Narcotics Anonymous started in the State of Maine, USA, and for getting the original Maine NA convention, "We Are A Miracle," up and running.
     The point of his words were in response to my comment about some persons I knew in the program who were so filled with going to meetings, doing service work, and going on Twelve Step calls and commitments they had no time for anything else. I had asked if that was what I was supposed to be doing instead of writing and publishing novels.
     A beloved sponsor of mine, also now deceased, put it another way: "God didn't put you on this earth to sit in endless meetings and chant steps and traditions like a robot. The program is medicine for the disease of addiction. It is not a life. Out there somewhere you have a life. Go and find it —but don't forget to take your medicine."

A Viewer Note: For a period of three or four weeks, the page-views the Life Sucks Better Clean Blog got from Russia equaled and on several days exceeded the page-views from the USA, which is remarkable since this is a USA based blog. Then, when all of this flap about Russia supposedly hacking the US electoral process hit the news, the views from Russia dropped to zero. I'm curious to know why.

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