Thursday, December 15, 2016


     Gregory was shipwrecked on a tiny island, and although there was fresh water, ample game, and ripe fruit hanging from the yum-yum trees, the only survivors that made it to shore with Gregory were a Rottweiler and a nanny goat. The first couple of days Gregory was occupied in building a shelter, getting a fire started, and exploring the tiny island. Once all that was done, loneliness set in.
     He noticed the nanny goat looking at him, her long eyelashes waving at him as she batted her eyes. Gregory looked away, consumed with guilt. He simply wasn't that kind of person.
     But, he thought, these were special circumstances. No one would know, and he did have his needs.
     "Baaaaaa!" cooed the nanny goat.
     Gregory got up and began walking toward the nanny goat. Almost within reach, the Rottweiler stood between Gregory and the nanny goat, showed his fangs, and growled. Frightened, Gregory  returned to his place on the sand.

     Several times over the next few days Gregory tried to get to the nanny goat, but each time the Rottweiler would get between Gregory and the goat, show his fangs, and growl
     Months passed, and Gregory tried all kinds of things to get the dog out of the way so that he could get to the nanny goat. He tried to draw the Rottweiler away with fresh meat, tried to catch him in a tiger trap he dug in the sand, and tried to make a bow and arrow to kill the dog. The Rottweiler turned his nose up at the meat, avoided the tiger trap, and looked with contempt as Gregory's bow broke when he first tried to draw it.
     Despairing, Gregory was sitting on the beach staring out at the water trying to work up enough courage to swim out and drown himself. When he stood to run into the surf, he saw something out there, floating on the water. He swam out to it and it was a beautiful young woman on a raft. She was wearing nothing but a bikini and was unconscious. He swam the raft to the shore, picked the young woman up in his arms, took her to his shelter, and gently put her down on his bed of leaves. He gave her a sip of water from a coconut shell, and she awakened.
     "My name is Lola," she said. "You saved my life. I am so grateful you rescued me. I will do anything —and I mean anything— you want to repay you."
     "Really?" said Gregory.
     "Just you name it, honey," answered Lola as she moistened her lips and reached back to loosen the tie to her bikini top.
     "Okay," said Gregory. "Could you hold that Rottweiler for about fifteen minutes?"

     The moral of this tail —er, tale— is that any obsession renders invisible the larger world. An obsession with getting and using drugs makes the coming consequences irrelevant. An obsession with religion usually hides spirituality. An obsession with service work at times hides one's own recovery goals. And an obsession with nanny goats . . . well, maybe it was true love.


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